Week 3 – My Reformaskin journey with Caci Clinic

So this is my second microdermabrasion in my 3rd week. It was a quick 30-minute procedure that I could do right after work before I head home. You get an email about 2 weeks in advance and a text reminder about a week in advance to make sure you can keep your appointment. Otherwise, it is considerate to advise them a change of time or cancel the appointment up to 48hrs in advance.

So, I went in with a face of light makeup (brows, BB cream, a bit of blush and highlighter). She does the basin double cleanse, then the microdermabrasion treatment. This time she kicked it up a notch and I can start to feel it. Especially around my temples, chin and cheek area. It was a little bit more painful than before. After the microderm, she gently cleansed my face from any dead skin particles and applied a quick hydrating mask on my face. She finished my skin off with moisturiser and sunscreen (it was a little too heavy for my skin so I had to wipe the excess off with tissue paper).

So here are some after photos… I’ve been having some hormonal breakouts on my chin lately, hence the angry red spots.

2/2/18 – After my 2nd Microdermabrasion with Caci Clinic

2/2/18 – After my 2nd Microdermabrasion with Caci Clinic

2/2/18 – After my 2nd Microdermabrasion with Caci Clinic

Ok, so the second time around my skin may not show any big improvements, but I can feel that my skin is smoother and the pores on my nose have diminished. The redness on my acne scars are still there and I know that it will need more than 2 microdermabrasion to improve those problematic areas.

However, after 2 days after, I did notice a few of bumps around my hairline, temples and jaw areas. Maybe it was my diet affecting my skin? I usually don’t have many problems around my forehead. These did fade after the 3rd and 4th day.

My next appointment will be another 2 weeks for another microdermabrasion and that would be just the day before my sister’s big day. Hopefully nothing bad happens to my skin because I am her matron of honour!

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