Asana No. 1 一秒神水 Brown Rice Gold Supreme 1st Essence

Where I got it: I first saw this product from an advert on Instagram and also on Facebook. Asana was a brand that I have heard of but not really familiar with. However, I was unexpectedly attracted to its advert, its packaging and especially its claims. I ordered this directly from their website on 3/11/16 (free worldwide shipping regardless of purchase amount), the product arrived on 14/11/16 from Singapore. It was packed in a massive cardboard box with very good padded packaging so the product was very well protected. I have recently finished a bottle after using this for 4 months.

Asana No. 1 一秒神水 Brown Rice Gold Supreme 1st Essence

What I got: This is a 150ml bottle of Asana No. 1 一秒神水 Brown Rice Gold Supreme 1st Essence. A highly concentrated essence with 6 natural ferment filtrates contains phyto-composite (amino acids, minerals, polyphenols and flavones) for better penetration and easier absorption. No chemical preservatives, chemical fragrances, chemical pigment and chemical surfactant added. Contains natural enzyme complexes to retain and replenish skin moisture and improve skin texture.

South Korea is one of the most traditional fermented countries in Asia, while kimchi is a millennia-old tradition retained as the skincare legend of the country. Fermented substances generate rich nutrients, such as amino acids and Vitamin to nourish out skin and prevent skin aging. In recent years, South Korea has remarkable developments in its microbial fermentation engineering and has become one of the top ranking countries for the technology. The breakthrough technology of microbial engineering presents us with the No. 1 Brown Rice Gold Essence, which is test-proven to strengthen skin’s DNA, so as to enhance skin transparency, elasticity, glow, and complexion.

It contains Niacinamide and Adenosine listed n Korea Government Authority MFDS, notification for its safety and effectiveness. GMP and ISO standard. Safety tests by HKSAR Government accredited centres STC and CMA.

Made in Korea.

Asana No. 1 一秒神水 Brown Rice Gold Supreme 1st Essence

Asana No. 1 一秒神水 Brown Rice Gold Supreme 1st Essence

How I find it: It can be used in several different ways – as an essence lotion, as a mask, as a hydrating facial spray. I like to use this as an essence lotion because I usually don’t have much time to use it as a mask. However, I like to swipe with a cotton pad and then apply 2-3 drops on the palm of my hands and pat the essence onto my face as a moisture boost.

This is the guide on how to use it (as shown on the box): After morning and evening cleansing, soak cosmetic cotton with 1/2 marking of the essence before applying toner. Swab the cotton thoroughly around the cheeks and forehead with an outward motion, and pat gently for better absorption. On every 7th day, soak 2 pieces of cosmetic cotton with 3ml of the essence after evening cleansing, and apply on dull area for 10 minutes as an intensive care to restore skin’s vitality and radiance. 

Overall: There has been heaps of information and advertisements for this essence but I can hardly find any reviews from users online or on YouTube. The first impression was pretty good, the essence lotion is really fluid like water and it has a very light scent which is quite pleasant (unlike SK-II which smells like yeast). When I use the lotion on a cotton pad to wipe over my face, my skin drinks it up and it feels really hydrated and moisturised. I particularly love to pat the essence directly onto my face for direct application. My skin and hands feel so soft and smooth when I do that and I absolutely love it!

As for long term effects, I did see my skin much more hydrated after I use this. My skin usually feels tight and dry after drying my skin. A thin layer of this essence quickly hydrates my skin and I can follow on with serum and moisturiser a few minutes later without feeling dry. This would be a great product to use for the Korean 7-skin method.

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