HZP+Co Splashwater (+giveaway)

I have a 3 year old kid (can no longer call him a toddler) and he has had his bad days of emotions. He can speak of his emotions, he can tell us he is happy, sad or angry, but it’s when he gets really angry he can get a little out of control. Embarrassing to say, he bites. He has had biting incidents before at daycare to the point where teachers told me it’s a problem we all need to address and he has had a supervisor kind of monitor him during the day (not extreme one-on-one, but more like keeping an eye on him to see what triggers him and to stop him before things get bad).

We always teach Asher that having emotions are alright. He can be happy, angry, sad and jealous, but he needs to learn to control these feelings and never ever hurt others. We try to introduce different ways of teaching him what are emotions, way to express our feelings and how to get over bad feelings. Parenting isn’t easy at all.

Recently I came across a brand called HZP+Co on Instagram. One of their products Splashwaters caught my eye (they also do skincare and body care products). Initially I thought they were simply hydrating or energizing sprays for the skin but its more than that. They are designed for use BY kids (of course adults can use them too)! Basically, they have 3 different types of Splashwaters – Calm Me Down, Wake Me Up and Freshen Me Up.

On the website: Splashwater is a new and exciting product helping children to recognise that all emotions, whether happy, sad, nervous or excited are ok and that they can help manage these feelings themselves in a natural and fun way. Splashwaters are hydration mists that are uniquely blended and naturally fragranced. They are suitable for adult use, safe for kids and even pets as well!

HZP+Co Splashwater

HZP+Co Splashwater

Freshen Me Up is great to use when you have been sweating whether from playing sports or just out in the sun. It contains New Zealand Spring Water, Aloe Vera juice, and natural perfume of rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon, pear, pine and cypress to freshen you up and to feel fresh and alive.

Calm Me Down is great before bedtime or to help relax before a test at school. It contains New Zealand Spring Water, aloe vera juice, natural perfume of lavender, sage, rose, Moroccan mint, cardamom, mimosa and vanilla flower to soothe, balance and relax the mind and body.

Wake Me Up is great to help you wake up in the morning for school or help wake daddy up for work. It contains New Zealand Spring Water, aloe vera juice, natural perfume of sweet orange, lemon, bergamot, rose, iris and vanilla flower to awaken and energise the mind and body.

HZP+Co Splashwater


To win yourself a bottle of Freshen Me Up and Calm Me Down, all you have to do is tell me what you do to control your emotions or better yet, how you teach your kids to control emotions (thanks for the tips!). Head on over to my Instagram (@kittiemui) for more entries! Look for the same image on the top of this blog post.

Winner will recieve a bottle of the Freshen Me Up and a bottle of the Calm Me Down Splashwaters. New Zealand entries only and you can enter as many times as you like.

 You can purchase these cute little Splashwaters from their website: www.hzp.co.nz. for $18.50 (100ml). Sign up to their newsletter to get 15% off your first order.