Clarins White Plus skincare range

I was born in Hong Kong and have moved to New Zealand when I was 8 and even though I grew up in New Zealand, I am quite in touch with my Chinese roots. Even though I love the quality of living in New Zealand and the friendly people here, I am still deeply in touch with my Chinese roots. I watch Chinese drama, listen to Chinese music, watching Chinese news, celebrate Chinese New Years, etc.

There is a Chinese saying “一白遮三醜”, which literally means “one white hides three uglies”. It has been centuries long that pale, bright and illuminated skin is the most sought-after skin tone in Asia. If you look at most cosmetics adverts in Asia, the models all have white, translucent skin that glows from within.

Even though I have spent most of my life in New Zealand, I am still ethnically Chinese/Asian, and my skin tells me no different. I love my brightening/whitening skincare products, and I am drawn to the bright, translucent skin as opposed to the tanned, olive skin tone. Unfortunately, most skincare brands available in New Zealand does not carry whitening products. For example, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Olay, Garnier, etc. Bigger brands like Estee Lauder, Clinique, Lancome carries some of the products, but never the whole range including cosmetics. Most of the time, I need to buy these online.

However, I have recently discovered the new Clarins White Plus Total Translucency range. Clarins is not a new to the whitening/brightening game as their first whitening essence was launched in 1996, and their last formulation before 2016 was 2013 “White Plus Total Luminescent”.

Clarins White Plus skincare range

STEP 1: Prepare.

The new White Plus Total Translucency range carries 2 types of treatment lotion. Aqua – a super lightweight watery treatment lotion that is super hydrating (similar to SKII Treatment Essence, Estee Lauder Micro Essence Treatment lotion, etc.), and Milk – a hydrating milky lotion with a soft powdery finish.

Treatment lotions are essential for preparing the skin for the skin care step. It is usually a lightweight toner-like product to hydrate and balance the skin before any essence/serum/moisturiser. The latest Korean skincare trend is the “7-skin method” which is simply layering 7 layers of toners/essence lotions (skin = toner in Korean). I would recommend the Aqua treatment lotion for this method because it is so lightweight and it does not feel sticky or heavy with a few layers on. If you want a more convenient formula that provides more nourishment (i.e if you have dry skin), then I would recommend the milk treatment lotion.

Brightening Milk Treatment Lotion ($83 for 200ml).

Brightening Milk Treatment Lotion

To apply the treatment lotion, simply saturate a cotton pad and sweep gently over the skin. Personally, I like to use a cotton pad with the Aqua version and use my hands with the Milk version. I prefer to use the Milk version in winter and the Aqua version in summer.

Brightening Aqua Treatment Lotion ($83 for 200ml).

Brightening Aqua Treatment Lotion

STEP 2: Correct

While this product is not part of the new launch, this is the key game-changer in the White Plus Total Translucency range. The Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum helps to preserve flawless, even and translucent skin. It contains Acerola fruit extracts, Lady’s mantle extracts, Sandspurry extracts and Acerola Seed extracts.

Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum

After treatment lotion, I warm 2 pumps of this serum between the palm of my hands and apply this all over my face. I will usually wait a minute or so for my skin to absorb before I use my moisturiser. The serum has a luxurious serum-lotion texture that feels so smooth and silky on the skin.

STEP 3: Embellish

The Brightening Emulsion is a fine emulsion that ensures radiant, fair skin all day long. With a very pleasant floral scent, the product melts into the skin to nourish, hydrate and soften the skin. One full pump will cover the entire face and it can be applied morning or night. I would strongly suggest a minimum SPF30 PA+++ sunscreen during the day. For people with dry skin, you may want to follow up with a moisturiser.

Brightening Emulsion ($107 for 75ml).

Brightening Emulsion

STEP 4: Revive

Nighttime is the best time for skin cells to regenerate, therefore I love a good nourishing moisturiser or an overnight moisture mask even though I have combination/oily skin. It is important to find something that is hydrating and moisturising but does not clog my pores or overload my skin. I want that healthy dewy, supple skin in the morning without the breakouts.

The Brightening Revive Gel is a highly sensorial gel with intensive benefits. It feels incredibly fresh formula can be used as a night cream, intensive mask or a sleeping mask. It even comes with specific application method.

Brightening Revive Gel ($120 for 50ml).

Brightening Revive Gel

While the White Plus range is formulated specifically for Asian skin, there is no reason other ethnicities cannot use it and see results. If you are interested in achieving that fair, translucent and bright skin, give this range a try and see how it goes! It definitely made my skin brighter and more even toned.

 The entire Clarins White Plus Total Translucency range is available at selected Farmers, Department stores and pharmacies. For a list of stockists visit or call 1800 241 092.

*I was sent all these products as PR samples