Clinique Fresh Pressed 7-day System with Vitamin C

Where I got it: I bought this from my local Clinique counter at Life Pharmacy because they were doing bonus time gift with purchase. This 7-day set is RRP$60. You are able to get the 4 pack serum vial and the 28-day supply of the cleansing powders separately. However, a 7-day system is a great way to see if you like the product or if you are sensitive to this potent vitamin C product.

What I got: This is the Clinique Fresh Pressed 7-day system with Pure Vitamin C. It contains 7 sachets of the cleansing powder and an 8.5ml vial of the vitamin c serum.

The NEW Clinique Fresh Pressed™ System harnesses the full power of pure Vitamin C at our highest concentration to brighten, even and retexturise skin. Vitamin C naturally degrades over time and is most powerful when it is fresh. Specialised stay-fresh packaging isolates the pure Vitamin C until activation, maintaining its freshness and full power, to deliver remarkable results in just 7 days. From the first application, experience brighter, more radiant skin. With continued use, see skin that’s noticeably firmer, more even-toned, smoother, with visibly diminished lines and wrinkles and a radiant, youthful glow. First cleanse, then boost with the power of pure Vitamin C.

Clinique Fresh Pressed 7-day System with Vitamin C

Clinique Fresh Pressed 7-day System with Vitamin C

How I find it:

Renewing Powder Cleanser. Activate this ultra-fine powder with water for an exhilarating cleansing experience that reveals healthier, younger-looking skin with proven results from the first application. Skin is instantly awakened and purified, with a refined texture and brighter look. Its non-drying, non-stripping formula is gentle enough for use each morning, jump-starts skin’s natural cellular renewal process and preps skin for treatment with the Booster. Innovative, single-use packets protect the potency of the formula, delivering the freshest, purest form of Vitamin C in each dose.

  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) instantly helps to restore skin’s radiance, brightness, and luminosity.Kaolin Clay, known for its natural purifying properties, helps to absorb oil, dirt, and pollutants while simultaneously gently polishing and exfoliating skin.
  • Kaolin Clay, known for its natural purifying properties, helps to absorb oil, dirt, and pollutants while simultaneously gently polishing and exfoliating skin.
  • Salicylic Acid works as an exfoliant to break apart dead surface skin cells and excess oil helping to reveal even toned, retexturised skin.

The individual sachets mean that it is very travel-friendly but it also means you are limited to how many days you get out of a cleanser. Designed to be used at day time, you dampen your face and cut open a sachet at the top and pour the contents onto the palm of your hands. Mix with a little bit of water and work into a lather between your palms. Massage onto the skin with circular motions and let the cleanser stay on the skin for about a minute to let the vitamin C goodness sink in. Rinse off and my skin felt smooth and clean. Skin appears slightly brighter and more energised.

Clinique Fresh Pressed 7-day System with Vitamin C

Clinique Fresh Pressed Renewing Powder Cleanser

Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C. Activate this unique booster to release the full de-aging power of 10% fresh Vitamin C to refresh and renew. Just press the button to release the pure Vitamin C, shake to mix with the de-aging soothing emulsion, and it’s ready to deliver its rejuvenating power. Like a daily supplement, simply mix 2 drops with your favourite Clinique moisturiser to instantly brighten skin’s look, and in just 7 days see remarkably even-toned, retexturised skin.

  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) helps to instantly restore radiance, brightness and luminosity while also helping to improve skin’s resilience.
  • Molasses in the soothing emulsion helps to provide effective brightening results by breaking up existing dark spots into microscopic particles that are diffused throughout the skin.
  • Mulberry Root Extract, Scutellaria Extract, and Grape Fruit Extract work as a botanical cocktail to help skin fend against oxidative damage and prevent future discolouration.
  • Salicylic Acid helps to promote cell renewal, bringing fresher, smoother skin to the surface.
  • Sucrose, Betaine, Algae Extract and Caffeine work as anti-irritants to help calm and soothe skin.

First, you peel off the foil on top of the bottle and press that orange button in. You should be able to hear a sort of crack like you cracked a pill tablet. It’s the sound of releasing the Vitamin C powder into the emulsion, then you shake it up to mix the ingredients together. When ready to use, give it a good shake, twist off the bottom cap and press the top orange button down to dispense 2 drops into your moisturiser and apply to your skin (otherwise you can apply this on its own). The serum has a cloudy appearance and a lotion texture. It doesn’t really affect the texture and the finish of my moisturiser and there is no stinging or sensitivity. You are supposed to get 7 days worth of use this tube if you use it every morning.

Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C

Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C

Overall: I love how the cleansing powder is individually packed which is easy on the go and the measured dose ensures you use no less and no more product than intended. All of the powder melts down entirely so there are no exfoliating bits and the formula doesn’t really foam up. With gentle massaging, it lathers gently and when rinsing off it feels slightly slippery. Once it is all washed off, skin feels clean and smooth, but it can feel a bit tight if you don’t follow up with a toner or moisturiser afterwards. I appreciate the airless and opaque packaging of the booster as it assures no air or light gets into the bottle so that the efficacy and stability of the Vitamin C won’t be compromised. It literally is freshly pressed.

I have used the system for a full 7-day with left over booster in the small bottle which I will keep using. After the first use, my skin felt clean and brighter. After the 3rd day, my skin is visibly smoother and clearer. After the 7th day, my skin texture has improved and my blackheads diminished. Skin appears brightened and refreshed. Great product as a pick-me-up system, but quite expensive as an on-going skincare regime in my opinion ($200 for a 28-day supply which does not include moisturiser).

Clinique Fresh Pressed™ Renewing Powder Cleanser Pure Vitamin C RRP $70 for a 28 day supply

Clinique Fresh Pressed™ Daily Booster™ with Pure Vitamin C 10 RRP $130 (4 x 10ml boosters)

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